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cqui aut recte vollessit, que cuptae officium ut et, qui nobitia vellupt amentio. Uuia...
Mus et placers pereiun tendam
cqui aut recte vollessit, que cuptae officium ut et, qui nobitia vellupt amentio. Uuia...

Guidance for Business in West Hisingen

You have a lot of things to keep in mind when you are self-employed — this is something we are fully aware of. Here at "Företagsamma Västra Hisingen", we are on hand to provide guidance and help you deal with day-to-day challenges in a thoughtful and positive way. We help you to see different options and give you a sense of perspective at your business so that you can develop your business concept.

Do not hesitate to contact us if there is something you are thinking about and would like to discuss this first. We are here for you and your company!

What we offer

- Personal guidance
We act as a free sounding board and help you to take the right path when it comes to achieving your ambitions and goals, regardless of whether you are thinking about starting your own business or want to grow an existing business. Book an appointment or simply drop in — either way we will be able to talk to you and offer guidance. We work with a number of different specialist authorities and organisations who know the type of challenges you are facing.

- Courses
We arrange special courses which are fully based on the reality you face in your work. These courses provide you with knowledge that will be of use to you in daily life.

- Seminars and workshops
Learn something new that pushes you that step further, meet others in the same situation and make new contacts. We listen to your needs and get you to take part in activities that will expand your knowledge and inspire you.

- Office space
It may be that you are running your business from home on the kitchen table. If this is the case, it can be enormously beneficial to work in a creative environment where you have access to a network, can meet others in the same situation and exchange experiences and ideas. We offer office space at a good price, with no need to sign long contracts. Renting our office spaces, you will also have access to meeting and conference rooms at our newly renovated premises.

- Business guidance with experts
Our business experts guide you within areas like business development and legal issues.

We are located at BRG Business Center, Friskväderstorget 9.

Project information
Företagsamma Västra Hisingen (Entrepreneurial West Hisingen) is a project working to harness creative forces and develop the local entrepreneurial environment.

We offer local, personal guidance free-of-charge and provide services such as courses, seminars and workshops for anyone thinking about starting their own business, for recent start-ups, or for businesses that have been going for a while. We can also offer office space in a creative environment.

We also work on developing the creative potential and driving force in children, young people and educators, through strategic teaching of entrepreneurial spirit in schools.

The project, owned by West Hisingen's district council, will run to the end of 2014/beginning of 2015. It is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund, with funding also being provided by Bostads AB Poseidon. Business Region Göteborg is a partner in the collective project.

Företagsamma Västra Hisingen is a not-for-profit initiative.

Here you can download our information leaflet in English.PDF

Företagsamma Västra Hisingen drivs i SDF Västra Hisingens regi, i samverkan med bla Poseidon, Business Region Göteborg, Göteborgs Universitet och Chalmers.


Dahir Khaled
E-mejl:  Dahir Khaled
Direkt: 073-701 62 85


Maud Hartelius
E-mejl: Maud Hartelius
Direkt: 031-366 62 25